3 Mar 2017

Friendship: "I&II"

Hateful mires of liquid metal
Sentient Ruin Laboratories from Oakland, California, have never been a label to skimp on music's outcast misfits. Be it grindcore, extreme metal or noise, this indie label are true purveyors of extremity. SRL have just now compiled two EPs of absurdly crushing Japanese powerviolence into one single nuclear crucicle of raw disregard and abrasiveness with Friendship's I&II.

I&II is not without its semblances to experimental extreme metal such as Portal, but it is with a demonic core based more so on super dense sludge and grindcore that the double-EP compilation marks its territory. Friendship take more than a few hints from the history of Japanese experimental music, with mindless noise and crushing depth threatening to put you to death with swift abandon.

"What Sentient Ruin describes as "maximum auditive torture" could barely be more accurate,"

Lurching from the slow churning of a rusty, clogged-up meat grinder into a wild frenzy of sludgy powerviolence, the accentuation between the two states of being plays like a whirlpool of burning mercury. What Sentient Ruin describes as "maximum auditive torture" could barely be more accurate, as the compilation is devastatingly heavy even when tempos are high.

True, I&II by Friendship definitely isn't for everyone, but neither does it aim to be. Friendship are definitely not pandering to any specific demographic with their ferocious mix of mindless absurdity. What they find is instead a devout cult who appreciate their abrasive nuclear offerings.


Released in 2017 by Sentient Ruin Laboratories


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