31 Mar 2017

Morfin: "Consumed by Evil"

The perfect example why sound matters almost as much as songwriting
Never judge an album by its cover, because this one looks unmistakingly like a terrible tech-death album, but what is found within contrasts that notion with a lethal dose of death metal in the vein of early Death and Asphyx. Everybody's talking about Gruesome when the subject falls on a new take on Death's classic style, but where is Morfin in this discussion?

Lead vocalist Jesus Romero basically sounds like a carbon copy of good ol' Evil Chuck, with the riffs of Mike De La O (formerly of Skeletal Remains) completing the circle with equally deadly riffs. True, Morfin's take on the genre is rather basic and down to earth, but this approach just works so well, cemented by their rock hard progressions and iron-clad rhythm section.

"The American quartet spews forth an unending torrent of amazing songwriting,"

The previous album, Inoculation, was one that I saw in several places back in 2014, but I never got around to checking it out in spite of its enticing title and artwork. A mistake, I am now sure. The American quartet spews forth an unending torrent of amazing songwriting which definitely hits home with each and every transgression against the living.

There are times where Consumed By Evil wanders directionless, but on an overall level the album just works. What doesn't work, however, is the absolutely jarring production. The sound is, at best, demo-like with muddled guitars and exceptionally poorly leveled drums. Perhaps the label sent out an unmastered version by mistake, but it seems more likely that the album is just poorly produced. It's a killer album, but the sound in itself detracts greatly from the overall image.


Released in 2017 by FDA Records


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