21 Dec 2016

Sporadic Slaughter: "Thoughts On Our Significance"

Technical enthusiasm and deathly disruptions
Though most bands aim to distinguish themselves from similar groups or from any obvious trends, whether they're following them consciously or not, but Sporadic Slaughter from Yorkshire, England, seem hellbent on shoehorning themselves in right among the rest of the half-technically alligned modern death metal bands of today.
"...there is a distinct lack of soul and flavour,"

Then again, being different isn't automatically a stamp of quality, and in that regard the British quintet excel in their chugging brand of death metal. Their sound is crisp and warm, their grooves appealing and their rhythms tight as they should be. But there is a distinct lack of soul and flavour, evident in the fact that I during my first listening session had inadvertently listened to the EP four or five times without even realising it.

Sporadic Slaughter's songwriting is formularic at best, their songs blending in with one another in a seamless mesh, held together by their tight grooves. Enthusiastic execution aside, the grooving chugs - made even more prominent by the dense engineering - dominates the soundscape like a ruthless mastodon, each movement further cementing their colorlessness.


Released in 2013 independently

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