19 Dec 2016

Rozamov: "Of Gods and Flesh"

Destructive and heavy, just the way it's supposed to be
Atmosphere ranks highly on the list of elements that define American stoner/doom metal band Rozamov's second EP Of Gods and Flesh. With massive walls of distorted guitars, gigantic monoliths of bass and drums, the quartet form a solid core of doom with mood-setting gusts of ethereal vapors around it.

"they ... let their mastodontic, cro-magnon riffs speak for themselves."

The group's bountiful boons of distortion are like sludgy mires, infused with a musk of stoner metal grooves. The simplicity of Rozamov's compositions doesn't reflect a lack of talent from the band, but is moreso a statement bent on the density and heaviness of their music. Their craftsmanship as musicians more than adequately becomes apparent with the fact that they don't rely on busy structures or complexity, but instead let their mastodontic, cro-magnon riffs speak for themselves.

There are a few areas where the Of Gods and Flesh EP is basically hit-and-miss. Of the four tracks included, two of them are fantastic doom-laden mounds of sludge, where the other two are easily written off as filler. Even so, Rozamov manages to convince even the most incarnated sludge freaks with their beseeching hymns of disaster, but not without taking a few unnecessary detours down Tradition Avenue. They're not trying to reinvent anything, and they don't pretend to be the new black. In that regard their second EP is 20 minutes well spent.


Released in 2013 independently


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