22 Aug 2016

Gates of Eternal Torment: "Imprisoned Beneath the Ice of This Cold Black Void"

Uncultivated tremolos with too little substance
Though the whole mysterious obscurity deal in black metal is now little more than a token shtick, it does at times add to the whole atmosphere surrounding a band. Little is known about Gates of Eternal Torment - Its only member, Firthornn, hails from USA's garden state New Jersey. His lyrics and music revolves around a blackened core of dark subjects, the mass of which pulls in all light like a cosmic black hole.

The aptly named Imprisoned Beneath the Ice of This Cold Black Void demo was released in 2012 by Contaminated Tones Productions, whose catalogue is quite a varied one - Even if names like Diseased Oblivion, Black Chalice and Okketaehm thematically spin out of control in the musical and inspirational vicinity of the same emotionally cold vortex as the band in question here.

"the altars are annointed with slow washes of distorted strings..."

Gates... heavily relies on and borrows from an oppressively atmospheric universe where iconic acts like Burzum and Xasthur are principal deities, and where the altars of worship are annointed with slow washes of distorted strings and ponderous splashes of drumming while strange litanies are recited in rasping tones.

The mix of shallow layers is familiarised to the point where it moves dangerously close to ordinary, but each of the four liturgies is performed with a degree of sincerity - However, in a narrow style where bands are a dime a dozen, Gates of Eternal Torment doesn't quite soar above the textbook example of depressive black metal.


Released in 2012 by Contaminated Tones Productions


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