5 Apr 2016

Inferius Torment: "Ceremony of Godslaying"

Holding the torch of Scandinavia in Russia, burning with brighter embers
First impressions are always hugely important. Like it or not, the cover in itself may put you off for the coming listening experience. With a band name like Inferius Torment, and an album title like Ceremony of Godslaying, you'd be inclined to think that this is going to be another bottom-feeding text book black metal record. While the Russian band doesn't exactly break the mold of genre songwriting, the group's second album is among the best blastbeat-based black metal I've heard in recent years.

"It is, however, difficult to see how Ceremony of Godslaying could possibly be a watered down version of anything."

Usually there's a good chance a band's second album will merely be a watered down version of their first one. Having spent the energy and furor that fuelled the first outing, all that effort put into it, some bands just phone it in from there on out. It is, however, difficult to see how Ceremony of Godslaying could possibly be a watered down version of anything. The tightness of the five members is commendable, and is expressed through the album's clearwater sound engineering job. The riffs, though memorable all on their own, also benefit from being clearly audible in the mix while lead singer - oddly named - Inferior spews his anti-religious and hateful litanies. In other words, there is no shortage of ingredients to make this a tasty morsel.

The 2012 album should appeal to fans of Marduk, 1349 and Dark Funeral alike, and tracks like Diabolical Perversity and Funeral of Christian God fully measure up to classics such as Panzer Division Marduk, I Am Abomination and My Funeral. Inferius Torment never lets their guard down, and neither should you. From start to finish Ceremony of Godslaying is a satanic torrent of blast beats, tremolo riffs and spewing hatred. Efficiently they carry out the orders of legends while still providing enough of a reason why they themselves should be promoted. Their recipe never grows stale during the 40 minutes of play, and their efforts are simple and destructive.


Released in 2012 by World Terror Committee


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