10 Apr 2016

Fabricant: "2010 Demo"

Vigorous compositions with the power to move mountains
Listening to some albums can be like opening a door to another world. With Fabricant's 2010 demo, that is exactly what it is like. Put it on, and you're rushed by visions of dystopic industrial landscapes, Gigeresque biomechanics, Lovecraftian themes and suggested topics bordering on the dreams from a broken mind. It would seem that the duo from California, USA, are fed up with your typical death metal that relies so heavily on brutality, offensive lyrics and disgusting imagery, instead focusing their efforts on a concept almost mystical, atmospheric and deeply vibrant.

Getting back to basics, Fabricant's demo consists of just four songs, the first of which serves as a fitting mood-setter. The next track, Legacy of Thine Delirium, takes you to soundscapes reminiscent of early Morbid Angel, Nocturnus or Timeghoul without ever sounding well and truly like any of those bands. The Californian undertaking have crafted for themselves an esoteric niche with its own unique sound, where the 14 minutes of play proposes diverse experiences with weight like the pounding cyclopean pistons of a forgotten industrial complex, with a pinch of dementia added to the mix.

"Everything about it reeks cosmic annihilation and existential dread,"

According to the band's biography, Fabricant started out as a platform for learning recording techniques. Well, from what is apparent on Demo 2010 I'd say mission accomplished. The sound engineering job is a perfect fit for everything from the eerie, excentric piano part of Staring at the Imprisoned to the weirdly outré guitar passages in Legacy and Sojourn. Everything about it reeks cosmic annihilation and existential dread without having to sound like a pinball machine on overdrive.

Like Timeghoul, Fabricant's demo could well be the kind of material you would see reissued by a large label in 15-20 years time. Though the otherwordly compositions could have trouble finding an audience, I'm certain that the true fans will enjoy this release immensely.


Released in 2010 independently

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