11 Apr 2016

Defilementory: "Infatuated with Deformity"

Two bass-driven death metal monstrosities
Defilementory is a band that has been lurking in the shadows of the Danish death metal scene only for a little while. While their 2010 EP Gory Defilement resulted only in a limited following, their 2011 demo Infatuated with Deformity is a bold statement on the state of brutal death metal. When I saw them warming up, along with Castrensis - another great Danish brutal death metal band, for Putrid Pile in Copenhagen they stood out as a talented bunch. The Danish quartet have a very precise way of conveying every delicate little detail within their music, even if it seems weird using a term like 'delicate' with this type of music.

"This is definitely not a case of throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks,"

Good bassists are severely underappreciated, and lead-singer slash bassist Thomas Fischer is definitely a prime example. He is as integral a part of the recognisable Defilementory sound as the guitar wizardry of Simon Kannegaard and Johnny Panduro. Lots of bands in the brutal death metal genre are two dimensional and monotonous, but the Danes succeed in maintaining a common thread throughout, even when they're changing things up. This is definitely not a case of throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks, and both tracks on the demo feel incredibly well-crafted and well-played to the point where it excuses the fact that it's so short. It leaves you wanting more, which is exactly what a demo should do.

Infatuation with Deformity showcases the potential of the band with vigorous enthusiasm. There was originally supposed to be three tracks, and not just two, but the remaining song was lost due to some technical error. A terrible shame. But the demo remains a flavourful, if short, offering of unique brutal death metal, which in itself is quite a feat. Defilementory's bass-driven style makes it a lot more enjoyable than many similar bands, and while the guitars and drums are great in their own right, it is in unison that this band is victorious. Keep it short but good.


Released in 2011 independently

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