27 Mar 2016

Terminate: "Thirst for the Obscene"

The Sunlight shines upon four young death metalheads from Illinois
Who would have guessed that the name Terminate wasn't already used by dozens of bands. From their sound alone, one might mistake this band as being from Sweden, but in reality they hail from Illinois in the US. Formed in 2010, Thirst for the Obscene is their first formal EP, though their demo debut came in 2011. Despite their origins they sound nothing like your standard run of the mill American death metal band, but instead - as hinted earlier - take cues from the Swedish Sunlight Studio sound with loads of Boss HM2 distortion, d-beats and solos that are absolutely rotten to the core.

"Terminate certainly aren't stopping for no one."

Writing compelling death metal may at first seem an easy task, but it most certainly is not. Terminate, however, are obviously up to the task, as their neckbreaking and nerve wracking EP suggest. Throughout the four original tracks found on Thirst for the Obscene the quartet only slow down a few times, and only to let lose a massive outbreak of the headbanging virus. No one needs rest anyway, and Terminate certainly aren't stopping for no one.

There's a tendency among newer, upcoming bands to throw a bunch of cover songs on their demos and EPs. This needs to stop right now. This American death metal orchestra is also guilty of this criminal offense, and it takes away focus from their own material, which in this case isn't even half-bad! Though Terminate have really made both Celtic Frost's The Usurper and Slaughter's Incinerator their own, they still hardly compare to the originals.

Overall Terminate thirsts for the obscene as much as any fan of extreme metal. Everything comes together in a putrid mass of charred remains and death metal, and it serves as a great reminder that you can never have too much HM2 on your guitar. Completely solid.


Released in 2012 independently

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