2 Mar 2016

Putrified: "Neurotic Necrotic"

When everyone has access to instruments and recording equipment, mankind will reap as it has sown
There will always be bands and musicians that seek to push forward, perpetually experimenting and breaking new ground. Opposite those, there will likewise be those who delve into the sounds of the past - Traditional revivalists hellbent on perfecting an older blueprint. Some branches of music have so much influence and power that they never quite go out of style. Old school Swedish death metal like Grave, Dismember and Entombed continues to strike a chord with fans both new and old, their influential reaching far across the span of time.

Tons of band elaborate on the original sound while keeping it true at the core. Others downright tarnish the good name of death metal. Putrified, though hailing from the very home of Swedish death metal, seems to have gotten it all wrong in an attempt to stand out. "Neurotic Necrotic" boasts a whopping 13 tracks, so one would expect a certain quality - After all the sole member A.Death must have put quite an effort into composing such a beast? But alas, Putrified is more of a sad husk of uncreative nineties worship, suckling at the least favourable teet of Nihilist.

"Neurotic Necrotic" strives for a certain expression but ends up a simple case of style over substance."

To elaborate, Putrified's album is offendingly bland in songwriting. Trying in vain to emulate the recognisable sound of the Boss HM2 effect pedal the guitars are way too fuzzy, leaving absolutely no room for the aggressively morbid power that imbued the old classics that A.Death worships. Once or twice a good riff invites the headbanging crowd to a night of heavy drinking, but the promise of the imminent hangover of uninspired songstructure and amateurish musicianship keeps the fun to a minimum. Neither individual songs nor the album as a whole ever comes to any sort of climax, resulting in 13 short songs that feel both unfinished and superficial. "Neurotic Necrotic" strives for a certain expression but ends up a simple case of style over substance.

Where every riff should sound powerful and memorable, Putrified's riffs all sound like variations of the same melody. Variation is the spice of life as they say, but apparently those words mean nothing to A.Death. There are singular parts that have some twisted semblance to quality, but overall "Neurotic Necrotic" is a mess.


Released in 2012 by Hellthrasher Productions

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