3 Mar 2016

Endometritis: "Dehiscent Purulent Abdominal Viscera"

Accomplished high-performance death metal engine
There's something stirring in Germany. The deep rumblings, almost like an earthquake, are the uranium-heavy chugging slams and pounding double kick drums of Endometritis, the epicentre of German brutal death metal. All over the world talented slamming brutal death metal bands have been turning up at a steady pace, and together with Encephalopathy, Endometritis are at the forefront of the German brigade.

"Before you can say "Squelching Postcoital Contraception About Ovarian Cysts", the demo is over."

Slam bands often subscribe to the school of less-than-three-minutes songlengths. And true to that notion the demo's crowning achievement, the song "Ulcus Durum", is just two and a half minutes. But the opener, the cheerily named "Disgoring Foul Excrements", is a roaring apex predator in excess of six glorious slam-filled minutes. Before you can say "Squelching Postcoital Contraception About Ovarian Cysts", the demo is over. But the thirteen minutes spent in the company of the German death metal maniacs are well spent indeed. Slow and murderous, their brand of brutal death metal is fresh and original, almost drowning out the background noise of the dozens of mediocre imitators.

"Dehiscent Purulent Abdominal Viscera" may at first sound, both by name and contents, like one big death metal cliché, but Endometritis' demo delivers crushing slab upon crushing slab of killer riffs and some of the most well-performed and varied slam around. It is both monumentally fearsome and a centrepiece of German death metal. The sound could be more organic and heavy, sure, but for a demo it captures everything the band is about: Groove, slam and gritty death metal.


Released in 2012 independently

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