17 Feb 2016

Hellsing: "The Sun Will Never Rise"

Closing in on an elusive go-to formula
Melodic death metal has gotten a reputation as "entry level" music. It is usually a bit easier on the ears to newcomers than the fathering genre, and bands like Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth and In Flames are easily accessible. Though many early efforts from the 90s are still lauded today, those albums represent a time when the term "melodic death metal" was more literal. Mexican melo-death band Hellsing belong to the segment that vehemently hold on to the old school of the style, where the influence from death metal is still rampant and flourishing.

"The Sun Will Never Rise" fans the flames of several schools of death metal, with growler-in-chief Renan setting the tone with his vocals. Certain passages point to influences from newer Amorphis, while others go the opposite way. It adds flavour to a mix that otherwise comes dangerously close to disinterest. Hellsing's guitars are melodic in nature, but never overdone. Their pacing is spotless, but the drums are were they fall short. It all starts with a certain cymbal sample, and the sound of EZdrummer becomes apparent.

"But at the same time the style has been refiend to perfection long ago, and living up to the classics is close to impossible."

Melodic death metal is a genre that is hard to do well without entering other territories. The scene is saturated with a myriad of mediocre or downright awful bands, even moreso than other scenes. But at the same time the style has been refiend to perfection long ago, and living up to the classics is close to impossible. Again, perhaps moreso than in other genres because melo-death is so well-defined. The Mexican trio exectues their chosen style well and they got it right some of the time. Their solos along with the vocals usurp the throne that regular riffs usually presides over in terms of dominance, and their sound has just enough grit to remain interesting. There could be more attention to detail, but ultimately Hellsing's debut EP is an above average offering for the genre.


Released in 2011 independently

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