23 Jan 2016

Gatling: "Absolute"

Breezing over the heavy and light-hearted
Obviously not all bands are wholeheartedly metal or solely rock based. There are countless bands in the borderlands between the two, often mixing them to a point where metal or rock is completely indistinguishable from each other. The American group Gatling provides a good example of a mix between progressive rock elements mixed with modern heavy metal parts. Their 3-track EP "Absolute" brings to mind newer Katatonia albums although there's a more assertive presence of shoegazing passages.

"Their guitar solos hit hard like metal, but their vocals breeze like shoegaze."

"Absolute" is a fusion of several elements, not all of them entirely metal or rock-focused. Their guitar solos hit hard like metal, but their vocals breeze like shoegaze. As such the EP is filled with contrasts, and the antithesis between heavy and light is the main centerpiece around which the rest of the elements orbit in closer or further proximity.

Gatling stand in front of a tough crowd. For conservative rock fans, their heavier currents might be too much. For die-hard heavy metal fans, their light-stepping atmospheres might be too little. In essence the band might face the same congregation of young, openminded fans that Katatonia, Anathema, The Gathering and Amorphis did later in their respective careers when they shifted toward a more airy, mainstream sound. The musical diversity presented by Gatling is one of their strong suites, but I'd like to see them embrace it more than they're doing on "Absolute".


Released in 2011 independently


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