24 Jan 2016

Amputation Spree: "Messiah"

Unchallenging "thinking man's slam"
To some the slight difference between death metal and brutal death, and the difference between brutal death metal and slamming brutal death metal is so minuscule that they simply don't care. Admittedly these sub-sub-subgenres can be incredibly similar. Like Suffocation and Dying Fetus popularised brutal death metal, bands like Devourment popularised slam, and more and more slamming brutal death metal bands are popping up in different guises. The one-man project Amputation Spree from North Carolina labels itself as the "thinking man's slam".

On the "Messiah" single Amputation Spree dabbles in pathological themes with modern lashes of relentless chugging guitar, deep guttural vocals, and the fast double-kick beat that defines the subgenre. All these elements put together make for some pretty good low-tempo death metal to put it bluntly. The track, however, isn't intrinsically innovative and merely calls upon elements used before by other, better bands. It wouldn't be turning any heads or convert any to the church of slam.

"Should you be acquainted with the project's earlier efforts... ...there aren't many developmental changes present"

Amputation Spree doesn't seem to be too preoccupied by production and sound, and the guitars come off boomy on top of inaudible drummachines. Should you be acquainted with the project's earlier efforts, like the "Addicted to Beheading Children" EP, there aren't many developmental changes present. Ultimately this "thinking man's slam" fails to impress and has little power to stay with you, but it is, paradoxically, rather enjoyable if you want to just rest those burned out braincells of yours.


Released in 2011 independently

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