4 May 2018

Taphos: "Come Ethereal Darkness"

No victim to trend or riffless nightmares
We're really being spoiled with the amount of gruesome Danish death metal coming out these days. With bands like Phrenelith, Undergang, Deiquisitor and Sulphurous causing a teeth-rattling ruckus, it's amazing there's even still more room in hell for another contender - The mighty Taphos.

"...shattering, thunderous death metal..."

From just a few demos and a few select live performances (two of which I have had the pleasure of witnessing first hand at the time of writing this review) we've already gotten a taste of what was to come from Killtown band. In the light of Come Ethereal Somberness, the shattering, thunderous death metal on those early releases served as the perfect precursor - Enough to strike an atmospheric chord of ominous evil, and in no way just something to tide you over until the main dish.

Come Ethereal Somberness is completely new material. Though Taphos' sound is highly atmospheric in nature, it is completely void of lengthy un-tracks and boring passages. Short and intense blastbeat and tremolo picked riff sections rule in equal parts to more crushing and deliberate chords, and the riffs are in no short supply. Like the bastard child of Morbid Angel's occultism and Incantation's rancid toxicity, Taphos is a welcome addition to the death metal family.


Released in 2018 by Blood Harvest


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