15 Apr 2018


TONEwood Music is thrilled to present Disrule and The Silent Low, for the first time on glorious TAPE!
In 2017, these two Danish groups released an EP, both available only digitally - Until now. Disrule's The MD.441 EP was recorded entirely using the legendary Sennheiser MD.441 microphone which the four-song EP takes its name after, and The Silent Low worked together with famed producer Jacob Bredahl on their third release, From The Underground. Both these mammoth metal-rock release are now available for the first time on physical media, and together for extra value!

The Silent Low build on a solid foundation of grungy, grimy 90s hard rock, reaching both back into the 80s for riff power and into the 00s for just a touch of modernity. From The Underground takes its form deep in the bowels of Hades with deceptively simple riffs that blossom into crushing grooves that reminisce about the likes of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

Disrule has distilled stoner rock and classic metal into the finest of spirits, favouring shorter tracks packed to the roof with killer riffs and punishing rhythm sections. Leaning on the Fu Manchu-side of the genre, the double-vocalist ensemble said it best themselves: They're inspired by bands, that were inspired by bands, that were inspired by Black Sabbath. So there you go.

The MD.441 EP / From The Underground split release is a look into that murky reservoir of vastly underappreciated Danish fuzz - Two brilliant EPs collected, where the two bands go at it in a deadly musical fist fight, clashing and embracing in a flurry of kicks, punches and laughs.


  • Limited to 50 copies
  • Handnumbered
  • Pro-printed cover
  • Smokey grey cassette shell
  • White on-body printing



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