12 Dec 2017

Collection Addiction #7

Collection Addiction #7
"What, no close ups?" No, no close ups this time. I purchased a sizable collection of used soul, funk, disco and RnB records - 79 vinyls to be exact. Taking a picture of each seems like a bit of a hassle, you know?

Now, when I visited the US in 2016 I happened to buy a large chunk of soul/funk records in Amoeba in San Francisco. This really got me hooked though, so I jumped at the chance to purchase this collection - And now I've had to rearrange my collection.

Before I had my entire vinyl collection in regular A-Z by artist, but I found that I was usually looking for a style more so than an actual artist. This goes especially for styles other than metal.

So the entire collection has now been divided into genre categories: Metal/Hard Rock, Rock/Indie, Electronica, Soundtracks, Soul/Funk/Disco/RnB/Reggae and Classical/Folk. Then each genre is set up alphabetically by artist.

Granted, these categories are rather broad, but it does the trick of making it easier to pick an album by style without getting too contrived and hard to understand for my wife who is not as much into vinyl as myself.

So, the collection itself. It's a huge mish mash of stuff, from old Motown stuff, to classic groups and more obscure bands. The collection features a large amount of the well known ones like 5th Dimension, Kool and the Gang, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire, as well as The Commodores (who I already have a few albums from). 

I'm slowly buy surely working my way through them all, listening to each in turn. The quality is of course hit and miss, but apart from most sounding their age, they mostly play rather well. Going through all these groups and artists that I barely know, if at all, is super thrilling!

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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