10 Oct 2017

Collection Addiction #3

Collection Addiction #3
This lot I got from an antiques market in my home town. I wasn't even planning on going, let alone buying anything, but I accidentally passed by a vinyl seller who had lots of old rock records. This is what I ended up getting.

Kane Roberts: S/T (LP)
This album is sort of legendary in certain circles. Not for the music it contains, but for its over the top macho cover art featuring american Rambo-lookalike/guitarist Kane Roberts. Flip the album, and the back cover is almost as ridiculous. I love it. The tunes are pretty damn solid too! Roberts used to play with Alice Cooper, and the influence definitely shines through. Great heavy metal/hard rock album, especially if you don't mind lots of 80s cheese.

Tygers of Pan Tang: Crazy Nights (LP)
Not one of the Tygers' best albums, but still a fairly good NWOBHM album with no frills. This one I picked up because I've just heard many good things about the band, and I didn't own anything by them previously. Good stuff at a cheap price.

Dio: Sacred Heart (LP)
For some reason I've never been all that much into Dio even though he checks all the right boxes. I've only recently warmed to the albums from his tenure in Black Sabbath, and Rainbow has grown on me over time. Found Sacred Heart pretty cheap and thought "why not," and here we are.

Various Artists: Heavy Metal (LP)
I think I've mentioned it before, but I like these old heavy metal compilations. They usually come really cheap and serve as cool playlists for a night of beer drinking and hell raising. Sometimes you even find a few songs you didn't know beforehand. This one is pretty straight forward with some Motörhead, Girlschool, Angel Witch, Hawkwind and the like, but it works pretty good.

Accept: Russian Roulette (LP)
I love old Accept, but I have only a few albums in my collection. I'm just slowly adding them as I find them. Balls to the Wall has always been my favourite, but their other old albums are crazy good as well. Happy to finally have this too.

Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry (LP)
THE essential Twisted Sister album. What a great fucking record, man. It feels so much like a journey back to the 80s and perfectly portrays the atmosphere and social climate back then, and with kick ass tunes as well.

Lizzy Borden: Visual Lies (LP)
Man, what an 80s album. The cover looks dumb as hell, but who cares, the tunes are awesome. Great riffing all around. It's weird that Lizzy Borden never really broke through in the same way as many of their contemporaries, because an album like Visual Lies really hammers home how talented they were in their crafting of metal.

Slayer: Hell Awaits (LP)
Slayer: Live Undead (LP)
These were the real reason I ended up stopping at this guys stand. Saw these two Slayer records that I was missing in my collection. I've got these on CD, but have been looking for them on vinyl for a long time. It's not that they're hard to come by at all, but it just never really fit in with my plans. Now I've got 'em, and it's great! I kind of-sort of still need Haunting the Chapel on vinyl, but all the other ones I've got. Except for anything after World Painted Blood, and that one I've only got because it's part of the box set I own.

Weather Report: Heavy Weather (LP)
Always great to add some jazz to the collection. My collection is primarily metal subgenres, but recently I've been prioritising adding some other styles for the sake of variety. Weather Report is just really pleasant music, and I enjoy putting it on when we have non-metal company over.

Outlaws: Los Hombres Malo (LP)
I'm very much guilty in buying albums because they look cool. I just so happened to also know Outlaws prior to finding this, and a bit of southern-style rock music never hurt nobody. Well, maybe it did, but it sounds pretty good. Nice for a good autumn day with a cool, dark beer in your hand.

Axe: Nemesis (LP)
This album probably looks more quaint than cool, but I picked it up nontheless. It's really a bargain bin classic in the way that I've noticed it several times for a cheap price, so now I just ended up picking it up. It's not all that amazing or anything, but pretty adequate 80s hard rock.

Scorpions: Blackout (LP)
Blackout is absolutely classic Scorpions. What an amazing album. I've only just recently begun adding Scorpions albums to my collection, and this is a pretty good start I think. More will come soon I hope!

City Boy: The Day the Earth Caught Fire (LP)
This one looked like a really cool 80s heavy metal album, but as it turns out, it's actually late 70s rock. Nothing special really, but cool enough to listen to once in a while.

A few words on my shopping habits
I'm a total sucker for picking up cheap albums that look cool or that I have a feeling will be worth my while. It's not like I'm picking up random cheap albums in the hopes that I can resell them at a profit - Those times are long gone with greedy, cynical vinyl resellers scouring the internet forums and Discogs to make a few bucks. But if I stumble upon an album that looks cool, or that I have heard of in some way, I will probably pick it up. I've come across some pretty good stuff that way.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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