3 Oct 2017

Collection Addiction #2

Collection Addiction #2
I recently attended the opening of ReSpin, a sort of daily record fair in Denmark, where I had the opportunity to bring home some good stuff. My last post was a bunch of CDs, but this time we're bringing home some vinyl!

Thomas Dolby: Gothic - Original Soundtrack (LP)
I recently noticed this film in a boxset of horror flicks that I have lying around. It's all good fun, and stumbling upon the soundtrack for this relatively obscure film with Gabriel Byrne was a cool surprise. Not in the best condition, but pretty cheap all things considered.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Rising Force (LP)
This one is a shred classic and a favourite of mine. I've had it on CD for years, but finding the vinyl for cheap was cool. It's actually at this point the only Malmsteen album that I have. I'll have to do something about that soon.

Getz / Gilberto: S/T (LP)
At this point in time I don't have a lot of jazz lying around. I've been wanting to add more of this style for a while, but jazz records have been becoming more expensive these last few years. Found this classic in great condition for cheap though, so I had to grab it.

Mortal Sin: Mayhemic Destruction (LP)
Even when I set out to get something other than metal I end up buying more metal. But what can you do when you find this Australian thrash metal classic in great condition at a fair price? I'm not gonna let it just sit there. Been wanting to add some Mortal Sin to the collection since I saw them live a few years ago.

Simple Minds: Live in the City of Lights (LP)
Okay, this one isn't actually from ReSpin. A friend gave it to me because he had it lying around and he doesn't collect records himself. I'm not a huge Simple Minds fan, but it's a good live album which is fun to listen to.

Various: Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon - Original Soundtrack (LP)
Saw this film for the first time not too long ago, and I loved it. Tongue-in-cheek 80s action comedy with a healthy amount of romance and martial arts, and a super cool 70s and 80s soul/funk/rnb soundtrack. Absolutely had to get this.

Bill Withers: Greatest Hits (LP)
I have a strong dislike for the mega hit Lovely Day, but the rest of this compilation is amazing. Wonderful feel-good music for frosty winterdays in front of the fireplace, or late night dining during summer.

Weather Report: Sweetnighter (LP)
True, this is an album before Jaco Pastorius. But Czech bassist Miroslav Vitous was part of the original Weather Report band, and this early effort is still a great addition.

Michael Jackson: Thriller (LP)
Michael Jackson: Bad (LP)
The holy duo of Michael Jackson albums. Never had any Michael Jackson, but got exposed to it through a former colleague. I've loved these two albums since then, and have actually been wanting to pick them up for a while. Awesome to finally have both!

A few words on my shopping habits
I haven't been closing that many gaps with this lot. Most of them are merely additions to the collection, and I picked them based on the idea that I want more non-metal in my collection. Thus I steered clear of most metal releases and went for some pop and jazz instead. When it comes to vinyl I actually have a thing for reissues because then I know the quality should be top notch, and I like the new gatefold sleeves that many records come in. However, new records are also more expensive, so I still end up getting a lot of albums used instead.

That's it for this installment. The next segments will come whenever I get new stuff worth posting. Smaller hauls will likely get thrown together for one larger post.

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