4 Aug 2017

Evil: "Rites of Evil"

Goat-headed pentagram and old English font; That's exactly how this band sounds
Japan's new prime Buddhist thrash metal trio Evil let lose with all the dirty ferocity that one can expect from a group signed to Nuclear War Now! Productions. If you're even a little familiar with the label, you should already have a pretty good idea of the type of lengths this band will go to in order to create that menaching thrash atmosphere.

Forget about revivalist pizza thrash. Evil may not have the most original of names, but they know when and where to put in a tasteful side of blast beats. Rites of Evil doesn't boast huge, multi-layered compositions - In that regard, the band is very single minded: Their only focus is speed and simplistic riffs.

"Everything is roaring past in a whirlwind of death and terror,"

In the long run the band's debut album ends up falling victim to their own work ethic. Everything is roaring past in a whirlwind of death and terror, and in the process you catch only glimpses at what they're trying to achieve. If all their tracks were as cool as the title track, I'd be sold for sure. That one track succeeds in managing speed and riffage with their hard-and-heavy style in just the right way.

It is as though they're constantly teeming on the verge of tapping into that unhinged madness that made (and makes) the likes of Slayer or Ranger great, without ever quite achieving just that. The recipe that should work doesn't really cut it here.


Released in 2017 by Nuclear War Now! Productions


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