21 Jul 2017

Sasquatch: "Maneuvers"

Retrospective stoner metal just the way we like it
As far as stoner metal goes, Sasquatch steer straight for the same pitfalls as many others; Their focus isn't on being original - They're clearly followers of classics like Fu Manchu and Kyuss. Rather, the focus lies with the simple enjoyability of their primal flow, the heavy-handed groove of a well-crafted rhythm section, and the craftsmanship of the riff.

"...pushing the limits just far enough to push you through your seat,"

Maneuvers, the American band's fifth album, is about as elegant as a bag of rocks, but substantially heavier. It's coarse like a statue carved in stone, pushing the limits just far enough to push you through your seat with sheer rocking G-forces bursting the scales. The album has got its share of slow-burners, hard-rockers, head-knockers and psych-out thrills, firing on all cylinders to please a wide crowd - And it definitely works.

On their fifth album, Sasquatch keeps the fire burning with their time-tested brand of hairy stoner rock-metal. Maneuvers plays just like a fighter plane looks - Sleek and streamlined in designed, and a real killer in concept and function. They prefer to keep it simple and stick to what they know will work every time rather than aiming to be the newest in music trends. When it works this well, that's a totally fair - and worthwhile - approach.


Released in 2017 by Mad Oak Records


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