17 Feb 2017

Lid: "In the Mushroom"

Bargain bin classic from Peaceville
In spite of Peaceville Records' history as a metal label, Lid's In the Mushroom album is by and large much more of a rock than a metal album. It is, however, easy to see how the band found their way unto the well-known heavy metal label as the band consists of Eric Wagner, the voice of doom metal legends Trouble, and Danny Cavanagh from the ever-evolving Anathema.

"...music from and for a simpler time..."

Calling upon names such as Kyuss, Clutch and Nebula, Lid's take on the genre is reminiscent of a more lethargic and psychedelic take on the garage-fuzz skate punk of Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet. In the Mushroom is very 90s with its wide and heavy fuzz-bomb riffs, freestyle drumming and burning bass lines. It's all a bit hazy, and very much music from and for a simpler time where enjoying a cold beer in the warm afternoon sun on a hot summer day without the eternal lure of Facebook and Youtube was customary.

In the Mushroom ended up being the band's only real output before breaking up. The album was never particularly popular despite its impressive bloodline, and it can often be picked up for cheap from bargain bins around the world's record stores. It's a widely disregarded gem which should prove highly worthwhile for fans of the previously mentioned bands. It has drive and groove, but with a healthy amount of earth-binding melancholy. It is classic 90s stoner rock, airy and psychedelic, but substantially more grounded than most.


Released in 1997 by Peaceville Records


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