2 Jan 2017

Deus Otiosus: "Rise"

Unadventurous, yes, but highly addicting
Deus Otiosus from Denmark showcase just how important real songwriting chops are in metal. Death metal truly isn't just death metal - It takes riffs, devotion and skill. From the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Murderer in 2010, the seasoned group have toured extensively before signing with Deepsend Records. For those unfamiliar with the band, their prime objective has always been returning to the roots of thrashy death metal with a modern sound and approach. The individual members' involvement in various other prolific Danish metal bands has yet ensured a tormentingly high quality of ruthless content.

While long-time fans of the band will be pleased to find that Rise continues to chop away just like the preceeding albums Murderer and Godless did, Rise should please newcomers as well. Deus Otiosus' riffs are dauntless, set to the punishment of a thundering drumkit, underlined by a powerfully booming bass and emphasised by the signature hoarsely growled vocals - A sure-fire way to reel in every death metal freak there is.

"...feels like greeting an old friend you forgot you even had."

This is exactly what the band is all about. Some of their material might sound highly derivative of classic death metal, but their compositions never quite come off as complete rip offs because all they want is to play awesome death metal. Listening to tracks like Breeding Maggots or Iron Rule - even for the first time - feels like greeting an old friend you forgot you even had. Their sound is familiar, but still adds various exotic flavours, giving it that modern aftertaste that we crave.

Staying in the spiritual neighbourhood of old school death metal means there's only so much you can do to experiment if you don't want to stand out in those standards. As such a third album in this style can sometimes feel unadventurous, often relying on the same elements and build-ups as previously demonstrated. Deus Otiosus stays with what works because they've found a formula they're comfortable with, and though the headbanging- and circle pit-inducing recipe still works, I sometimes miss a little adventure.

Deus Otiosus are more about going straight to the point than groundbreaking musicianship or virtuosity, and this is one of their primary strengths. They're not trying to reinvent anything, just write it and play it the way it's meant to be. And as such, Rise gets the job done, but only to the same degree that the previous albums did.

Released in 2014 by Deepsend Records


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