2 Nov 2016

Trou Noir: "Echoes in Black Holes"

Uninspired voyage into deep space
With members from Russia and France, Trou Noir is a project made possible by the great invention of the internet. In mid 2011 the international collaboration released their debut, the demo tape Echoes in Black Holes through Eerie Torture. Between them, the three members have released dozens of demos, EPs, splits and albums through different outlets, so in that regard these fellows are seasoned in the dark arts of black metal.

Trou Noir utilise ambience in a vitalising way, Monork's arpeggiated guitar notes forming the backbone of the Echoes in Black Holes demo. Worbid provides a minimalistic rhythm section through his coherent drumming, ushering in the raw vocals of French singer Dunkel with a dormant clash. Trou Noir transition seamlessly between each of their ten tracks with immaculate flow, each element coalescing into a dense, cosmic singularity.

"it is hard to difficult to get riled up about their music..."

Each track smoothly segues from cold, melodic melancholia to passages of wide and lofty ambience, with the arpeggiated notes working to add depth to the music. However, it is hard to difficult to get riled up about their music as the musicians themselves seem less interested in delivering an engaging and immersive experience than they are in partaking in a wave of meandering cosmic black metal.

Using Darkspace as a template for comparison seems fitting. Darkspace is neither varied, extravagant nor musically eloquent, and yet their offerings are amazingly mesmerising. Even though their compositions are monotone and almost droning in nature, it works extraordinarily well when they turn that monotony in on itself to create a riveting musical hypnosis.

Obviously, Trou Noir aren't Darkspace, and perhaps they don't aspire to be them either. But their compositions are unambitious and delivered without sincerity, making the trippy, psychedelic feel that they're going for, with their drawn out drum sequences and sparing guitar use, a stale and inauthentic cosmic chaos.

Echoes in Black Holes is not without a few good riffs, and the vocals at times almost exonerates the band's lack of vision. But without a recognisable "sound", the demo is far too long to justify the stale lack of ideas. Similar bands have proven time and time again that there needn't be a defining moment in music like this which to such an extent relies on feeling and atmosphere rather than hooks, but Trou Noir has little to back up their basic concept. The trio's debut is overflowing with poorly executed melancholy that misses its target by a wide margin, with an atmosphere reminiscent of a bedroom rather than the vast expanses of space. As such it is entirely too linear, never daring to explore the possibilities that they are given.


Released in 2011 by Eerie Torture


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