10 Nov 2016

TONEwood TAPES Announcement

TONEwood presents...

We are thrilled to announce that as the visitor's counter has ticked over the first 10.000 unique visits, TONEwood Music will be releasing its first release under TONEwood Tapes.

TONEwood Tapes will hopefully in the future release more great but obscure music on good old-fashioned cassette tapes. The aim is going for small runs of overlooked music with, perhaps, a limited but hardcore audience in any genre, as is the spirit of TONEwood. The first release will be Danish grindcore trio FORDÆRV's second EP, entitled FY FOR SATAN.

FY FOR SATAN continues in the Boss HM2-laden style the permeated their first EP, Glasskaar from 2015. Combining key elements of grindcore, death metal and no-nonsense punk, FORDÆRV are all about being straight to the point and going for the throat.

Digitally FY FOR SATAN, as Glasskaar was back when it came out, will be released by danish label 42PLADE. The EP is set for release on the 25th of November, both digitally and physically.

The Details...
This first run of TT 1-1 is limited to 30 handnumbered copies on white tapes. Apart from 7 new blasting tracks, the EP will also include the 5 tracks from the original Glasskaar EP from 2015, released for the first time on any physical medium. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Kontrol
2. Bleed
3. Devour
4. Addict
5. Geschwesterliebe
6. I Am Terror
7. Fy For Satan
8. Kyklop*
9. Fuck Det Her Land*
10. F.M.B.*
11. Fuck Fajitas*
12. Glasskaar*

(*From the Glasskaar EP)

The tape will be available from the 25th of November 2016 from the band and through the new TONEwood TicTail shop. Links below.


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