18 Nov 2016

Stalker: "Satanic Panic"

Wild speed metal flagellations
It is not often - unless you specifically seek it out - that you hear about new bands from New Zealand. And when you do, it is even rarer for that band to be one of those exciting new names that randomly pops up every so often. Bands like Ranger from Finland and Encyrcle from Denmark both fit the bill, and Stalker from Wellington are most definitely one of those new names to look out for!
"The trio's inspiration from classic NWOBHM, heavy and speed metal is vividly apparent,"

Stalker's modus operandi on Satanic Panic is as deceptively simple as their name and the titles of their songs. With just three tracks, the demo clocks in at a mere eleven minutes, but every single one of those seconds is saturated with over the top speed metal and gang shouts. The trio's inspiration from classic NWOBHM, heavy and speed metal is vividly apparent, painted in wide strokes with their chrome-style logo and dark cover art.

Each of the three songs - named Satanic Panic, The Mutilator and Shocked To Death - has its own exceptionally memorable chorus section, and even if two of the songs are pretty long, the entirety of the demo EP feels like it is over all too soon. There is absolutely nothing new about the New Zealand trio's approach, but it is so wonderfully unceremonious in its lack of profundity and intellect. That is not to say that it is dumb music, but rather that the band's inherent impulse and spontaneous wildness makes it more of a drink-beer-and-fight release than something you'd listen to while pondering your existence.


Released in 2016 independently


If you want a piece of the action, you'll have to settle for digital as the tape sold out in just one day!


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