7 Nov 2016

Legionary: "Path of Tyranny"

The textbook example of the smaller influences of line-up changes
Like so many other bands, Legionary from the US have been plagued by near-constant line-up changes. Just from the release of their debut album, Arcane Divisions in 2012, to their next offering, 2013's Path of Tyranny EP, all but drummer and main songwriter Frank D'Erasmo and bassist Mike Carra had been replaced.

Oftentimes huge changes in line-up result in or are the result of a shift in style, but Legionary have remained rather uniform from the debut to this. Their modus operandi remains as melody-based death metal, thrashed to oblivion with D'Erasmo's furious drumming and guitar leads that are anything but slow. Arcane Divisions was a noteworthy display of skills and thrills in equal measures, so inevitably Path of Tyranny must be put to the test to see if it measures up.

"Legionary's melodic suggestions are prominent, but delivered with thrashier appearance."

The recipe works well on a superficial level, their extravagant melodies dashing the hopes of those who prefer a simpler, more straightforward approach with extreme prejudice. Legionary's melodic suggestions are prominent, but delivered with thrashier appearance. Time and time again the group inflict upon themselves cruel tests of mettle with abundant confidence.

Where the previous incarnation of the band were busy showcasing every aspect of their sound and capability within 50 minutes on Arcane Divisions, Path of Tyranny instead finds foothold in the more melodic aspects of their sound. As such they seem to have found a style that they are comfortable with, but generally speaking Legionary's approach on the EP seems to invite showmanship moreso than musicianship. As an example - and this may well be the result of replaced musicians - their guitar solos feel flashy and unnecessarily expansive.

Path of Tyranny is controlled and deliberate, releasing its violent outbursts in a disciplined fashion. While this leave room for compositions that are principally more technical in their nature, it also puts more focus on the shallowness of their songwriting. The EP, in all its glory, misses a little punch and doesn't feel as ruthlessly uncompromising as it should.


Released in 2013 independently


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