10 Oct 2016

Stone Magnum: "From Time... to Eternity"

Let the demagogue spew his evil speech, and let the riffs fill you with hate
Doom metal is all about that thick, heavy feel that those big and bulky guitars can produce, and the tasteful aroma of riffs and melodies crafted with the utmost care, the striking of the drums like hammers on an anvil. Stone Magnum, from Michigan City, Indiana, have all those elements, and more, in ample amounts.

Their first effort, the eponymous album from 2012, caused ripples capable of rocking even the sturdiest of ships. Only a year and a half later, From Time... to Eternity breaks the ocean's surface like an ancient god awakening from its slumber, this time causing a cataclysmic wave which will turn over and sink any seafaring vessel with its gloomy raptures.

Stone Magnum bring to the table nothing but the finest of doom metal's historical reach, each evil riff benevolently bestowed upon us from their hands. The five-man group stand as massive displays of musical craftsmanship with respect for its predecessors and for the craft of songwriting, but not without first and foremost forging their own discernible style.

"...succeeding through seven long tracks in creating amazing doom-hooks ready for the gallows."

Their heavy, melodic riffs stand crystal clear against a candle-lit backdrop of percussive bass lines, creating a bridge between the gruff but powerful vocals and the deliberate pacing of the drums. Stone Magnum are true riff-smiths of almost Iommian proportions, succeeding through seven long tracks in creating amazing doom-hooks ready for the gallows.

Stone Magnum is most definitely a product of several decades of doom metal history, musically citing inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath and Candlemass. They stick to the roots, mixing together the sounds of the US, the UK and Scandinavia in one compelling mass. 

With vocals that sound like Tom Warrior punching Messiah Marcolin in the face, and with riffs that feel like well thought out audial delicacies. Where many younger bands muck about with their noses in the same rip-off Black Sabbath riff for minutes on end, From Time... to Eternity is a breath of fresh air with enough personality to last a life time - As such, the album keeps its charm even after repeated listens. 

The Indianan band holds an iron grip on an atmosphere that paints a picture of a gothic cathedral filled with heretics ready to recieve their daily dirge from Stone Magnum's demagogue vocalist. Doom metal just sounds better coming from a bunch of seasoned dudes rather than inexperienced adolescents.


Released in 2013 by R.I.P. Records


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