19 Oct 2016

Sathanas Urine: "Everything You Need to Know About Witchcraft"

An exercise in the worst music has to offer
Some would argue that the purpose of metal in many aspects is the ever-ongoing chase for counter-culture, extremity and a level of aggression that most - even as rock music likewise has followed suit into heavier territory - would find offensive or even unlistenable. True to the blasphemic roots that drove early black metal, Sathanas Urine - from the Veneto region in northeastern Italy - search for the vilest and most far-away corners of music. 

Everything You Need to Know About Witchcraft, as their 2013 demo is so eloquently named, takes the Italian quintet to the farthest reaches of music, approaching their destination by dragging through mass graves of anarchic, cacophonous barbwire. Their droning noise and riffs distorted beyond recognition greets you like an amicable punch in the dick. With every twist and turn, they find new ways to assail your ears as you mentally fight your way through each of the 6 tracks of the demo.

"Black metal can, and to some degree should, be offensive and abrassive."

Sathanas Urine's main characteristic is the harsh discord that they execute their music with. They pursue music as jarringly horrid as possible, the chase of which seems to take precedence over listenability and enjoyment. Black metal can, and to some degree should, be offensive and abrassive. Some groups have shown that this is achievable while still retaining a core of worthwhile compositions. Cultes des Ghoules, as an example, have it down to an art form to make their music blatantly hideous, but their riffs are insanely memorable. And to even mention Sathanas Urine in the same sentence as Cultes des Ghoules seems close to sacrilege.

If you have ever listened to obscure live rehearsal bootlegs from Gorgoroth's early days, you will have an idea of what Sathanas Urine sounds like if you can imagine it ten times worse. On just a few occassions their ideas shine through the irksome cacophony of their droning blanket of sound, but for the vast majority Everything You Need to Know About Witchcraft is loathsome and repetitive to an unwelcome extreme.


Released in 2013 on Dipsomaniac Records


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