23 Sep 2016

Void Meditation Cult: "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"

Musical necromancy at its finest
Let the dead be ressurrected and once again walk the Earth so that they may behold the rotten fruit of a 5 year long wait. Half a decade would pass before we would finally hear another release from Ohio's Void Meditation Cult. And the wait has been worth it.

The previous 8 tracks - 4 from Sperm of Antichrist, the band's previous incarnation, and 4 from Void Meditation Cult proper - have barely been enough to keep the black metal withdrawal symptoms at bay. With Utter the Tongue of the Dead, the time has finally come to once again hear their noxious sermons.

From up high on the pulpit Desolate Defiler speaks his words of satanic poison, each the 10 rituals on Utter the Tongue of the Dead taking the listener further into the sacrificial stupor. Occult hymn upon hymn play like decrepit and necrotic filth, each rhythm more unapologetically dirty and raw than the last.

"the thick atmosphere comes alive, convulses violently and collapses in on itself again and again,"

Void Meditation Cult is, and was, a welcome departure from the typical black metal ethos of super fast and shrill tremolo riffs over the sound of incessant blast beats and overprocessed vocals. The new album's crushing riffs are every bit as analog in sound as one could hope for, and while Utter the Tongue of the Dead is not entirely unrestrained, the thick atmosphere comes alive, convulses violently and collapses in on itself again and again, reaching back through the mind and touching the very gestalt that makes up a person's sense of self.

The layered vocals preach like a demagogue while the music itself finds solace in simplicity, taking delight in every strike of the drum and every crunching line of distortion. Void Meditation Cult is by no means virtuosic, and neither does it aspire to be. Part of the charm is in the complete adoption of the sound, which does not accomodate for very wide tastes. If simple and dirty, but highly sinister, black metal isn't your thing, then so be it. Void Meditation Cult will fulfil the nocturnal prophecy without you.


Released in 2016 by Hells Headbangers Records


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