14 Sep 2016

Tod Huetet Uebel: "Morte e Caos"

Delightfully messy and death-defiant
Created in 2012, Tod Huetet Uebel is the musical outlet of Portuguese musician Daniel C. The unusual name harbours music equally uncommon, but not unconventional. Morte e Caos, the entity's debut EP from 2013, is above all sinister and oddly ancient in sound, exuding an atmosphere of substantial know-how in the dark arts of black metal. As such Tod Huetet Uebel's three offerings adhere to certain classic dogmas, but not without also taking cues from more up-to-date specimens where the good ol' fast-picking tremolo riff coupled with foggy, raw vocals are just mere byproducts of an experimental blackened death metal recipe.

"...it becomes a question of being more true to black metal than to the brutality of death metal."

Naysayers will claim that Morte e Caos is merely a product of its time, tumbling around in the chaotic wake left in the slipstream of Teitanblood, Antediluvian or Mitochondrion. But while Tod Huetet Uebel may well be inspired by such acts, the Portuguese project relies considerably less on destructive decay for sonic inspiration, and more on misanthropy-inducing and emotionally depressive moods. As such it becomes a question of being more true to black metal than to the brutality of death metal.

The fact that Daniel C. is alone with his project never shines through. There is thought, dedication and direction in his impressive songwriting, and he delivers his riffs with a passionate force that is commendable. Blast beats tastefully accentuate weirdly melodic solos, and every action and composition on the EP exudes an aura of violence and malevolent purpose.

Morte e Caos conjures a horrid, intense soundscape. Tod Huetet Uebel succeeds in laying down cyclopean arrangements in a classic yet contemporary way, and in this way takes a well known modus operandi and gives it new form. To put it simply, it is an extant piece of new music with an old sound. The EP is made up of many time-tested elements, but also many unorthodox ones. Daniel C. aspires to be something great and achieves some form of that greatness with sheer force.


Released in 2013 independently


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