30 Sep 2016

Aurora Purpurea: "I"

Musical poem, the brilliance of which lies in contrasts
Introducing a band about which there exists little to no information is a hard thing to do, at least from a factual stand point. Aurora Purpurea hail from Italy, and in 2008 they released their sole album, titled simply I. That is all. So let us instead let the music of Aurora Purpurea speak for itself.

I is one continual composition, twenty-two minutes in length from end to end. The vibrant discordance of what could possibly be a heavily distorted cello or a modified guitar serves as the main instrument, lending a certain fulness to a soundscape that is otherwise drenched in sludgey, eerie continuum which builds, collapses and reemerges again and again.

"There is something poetic about the way the main instrumentation is both ugly and beautiful."

The innovative drum patterns gives the composition a progressive feel, and though the throbbing rhythms at time can seem repetitive, they serve both as a metronome and a reminder of where we are currently at. There is something poetic about the way the main instrumentation is both ugly and beautiful. While I is not played with any sort of regard for tightness, the improvisational atmosphere gained becomes the album very well, in a manner that could barely be anything but calculated.

The abbrasive unmelodies cause an effect that is highly immersive, and to a point even hypnotic. Aurora Purpurea's album is far from a joyous journey, but it is very different from the vast bulk of music today. Be it for better or for worse, I is an album that should find an audience among fans of the more outré and bizarre sides of music.


Released in 2008 independently


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