10 Aug 2016

Anatomia: "Dead Bodies in the Morgue"

The gorefest that is Japanese death-doom beckons to those who live for death
To connoisseurs of gore-soaked Japanese metal, and aficionados of death-laden doom, Anatomia should already ring a bell. Since their debut album in 2005 - aptly named Dissected Humanity - the band has, together with the likes of Coffins and Grudge (both of whom also appeared on the 2007 split between the three bands), put Japan on the map with their endless offerings of the heaviest and filthiest death/doom metal.

For those too late (or too cheap) to pick up Anatomia's many demos, EPs and splits, or for those just hungry for more gut-wrenchingly sick death metal in the most doom-drenched way, Dead Bodies in the Morgue epitomises the band's lesser known works. The compilation presents once again the band's two demos - Demo 2003 and Human Lust from 2009 - as well as a few songs from various splits, together with a number of live recordings.

"...gruesome death metal with the gory aesthetics of Reek of Putrefaction..."

The music on Dead Bodies in the Morgue is every bit as brutal as similar bands, invoking the same vile belligerence as Autopsy, Asphyx, Undergang, Coffins and of course early Carcass. With heavy hands they churn out gruesome death metal with the gory aesthetics of Reek of Putrefaction and the putrid, skin-crawling atmosphere of Mental Funeral.

Since most of the songs are cheaper recordings than their album counterparts, Dead Bodies is probably mostly aimed at collectors - or just those out there who can not get enough of that lo-fi demo sound. In a way these compositions don't do the band justice if you are just getting to know them; I can only recommend digging deeper. Dead Bodies in the Morgue is by no means a commercialised greatest hits kind of deal, but rather a collection of rare tracks for gorehounds already acquainted with the scene. Let every strike of the chords fill you with dread, let every hit of the drums reverberate deep within your soul, and you will feel the power of Anatomia.


Released in 2013 by Memento Mori


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