15 Jun 2016

Twilight Fauna & Filsufatia: "Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow"

As an international effort, this split shows that failure has no nationality
Though the black metal genre is rich in history, for better or worse, many amateur musicians now seek musical refuge in hugely simplified riffs hidden behind veils of distortion and ambience. These one-man "bedroom" bands are deservedly so notorious for being awful beyond comprehension.

A testament to the international brotherhood of metal, the Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow split was put together by two bands from two vastly different parts of the world: Twilight Fauna from the US, and Filsufatia from Malaysia. Both bands have in the past been vastly productive, having released a large portion of work between them.

"...not a testament to the soaring quality..."

The split between the American and Malaysian band is, however, not a testament to the soaring quality and captivating songwritings of bands like Burzum or Drudkh. Filsufatia's portion finds its home nestled between distorted guitar melodies and sombre piano tunes, with each and every layer being either synthesised or at the very least heavily processed through various computer effects. While Filsufatia's riffs are half-way decent, the amount of terrible synthetic instrumentation pulls his two compositions down to the unlistenable garbage category. 

Twilight Fauna, on the other hand, opts for a more classic setup with whispered harsh vocals hidden somewhere inside a chaotic sphere of indiscernible guitar monotones. There is little rhyme or reason in the American project's compositions and could very well be the result of improvisation with no consideration for rhythm or wholesomeness.

But after all the two bands go well together. Their individual sounds are rather similar, even if Filsufatia is more focused on melodic riffs where Twilight Fauna leans more toward long processions of atmospherics. In the end, though, Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow is bland and undeserving of any attention. At times their individual songs aren't evocative of any form of emotional response, and at other times it is so atmospheric it almost ceases being music.


Released in 2013 independently


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