22 Jun 2016

Minus One World: "Sewage"

Breakaway attempt at innovation ends up an airless affair
Minus One World from Salo, Finland, are something akin to mold breakers. Created in 2008, they haven't been much for following trends or traditions since then. Their 2013 EP Sewage is upbeat and almost pleasant when held against the filthy and abrasive traditions of the country's once sprawling death and doom metal scene.

Among the thrashy riffs and roaring voices the band's thick production roams. Rooted in death metal, their stringed instruments rumble and churn, but with settings set to thrashing tempos. A deviant of modern metal, Sewage sounds thorough and doesn't suffer from the same birth defects that many young bands do.

"Sewage is, paradoxically, a polished work,"

Minus One World is far from the juvenile and undesirable traits that plague many hopeful new acts, but at the same time they are not quite seasoned. Sewage is, paradoxically, a polished work, but often feels like it is going nowhere with its groovy melodies.

The Finnish death dealers' approach may not be your typical, garden variety death-thrash band from Scandinavia. In fact, A few of their devious components stay with you for a while. But in the end, the riffs aren't solid enough, and the fledgling band must resolve to rely on pure energy rather than quality songwriting.


Released in 2013 independently


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