1 Jun 2016

Durvasag: "EP Promo 2012"

Canadian thrashers return with renewed effort
Though blackened Canadian thrashers Durvasag ultimately failed to impress with their 2011 demo, Pure Fucking Thrash!, their 2012 EP shows greater promise and a degree of growth within the band. Where the first demo was produced by lead singer Mark Arruda, the EP is instead produced by Mario Rafael, lending the two compositions a greater deal of personality.

The first track, Sacrifice, seems to be a mainstay on Durvasag demos as it is featured in now three different version on their three releases. Durvasag's cold wastes of sound leans toward early Teutonic thrash metal akin to Kreator or Sodom, tying in with the European origins of their Hungarian band name. But where the earlier material offered little more than sub-par thrash with boring, repetitive riffs and annoying vocals set to sloppily played song patterns. And while the basic principles remain the same, there is definitely put more work into the two tunes found on this release.

"...this EP doesn't fully qualify as a memorable underground gem,"

Every dial is turned to eleven. It's faster, tighter, louder, heavier and, first and foremost, barbaric. Durvasag anno 2012 is an incarnation more in tune with what they've set out to accomplish: Forcefully aggressive thrash metal. While this EP doesn't fully qualify as a memorable underground gem, it is a somewhat enjoyable brawl in seedy thrash metal where guitars, bass and drums exchange punches in a wild fighting scene.

The sound remains gritty to the point where it gets tiresome even over the short course of two songs. It doesn't allow for the riffs to fully come into their own, but does help mask the worst sloppiness. But at the core, Durvasag are an aggressive bunch, throwing jabs and punches left, right and center with easy to follow choruses, shouted words and simple but effective executions. On its own, it's a solid piece good for a few spins.


Released in 2012 independently

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