11 May 2016

No Peace of Mind: "Purify the Hope"

Instrumentations rule over vocals in this mix of old and new
No Peace of Mind, a hardcore band from Istanbul, Turkey, of all places, belongs to the segment of the genre where a strong rhythm section reigns supreme. With clean and harsh vocals alike, the band explores the shallow depths of melodic hardcore with a few different twists and turns along the way.

The drums and bass provide a base work for the EP Purify the Hope that is so strong that it just barely stays behind the guitar and voice-ruled forefront of the band. With these simple tools, No Peace of Mind have created an EP that has a profound hardcore punk presence, while still maintaining a certain modernity courtesy of various melodic aspects in riff and song.

"Each track adapts the same basic principle in a dynamic environment..."

Throughout Purify the Hope the gang intervenes in their grooves with half-melancholic interludes and swipes of post-rocking guitars, adding to the afforementioned feeling of modernity. Although the groundstructure of their music is founded on tradition, their compositions are mostly a result of admiration for No Peace of Mind's contemporaries. Each track adapts the same basic principle in a dynamic environment of heavy contra light instrumentation, proving that the instruments and their respective wranglers know how to perform their craft.

On an overall level No Peace of Mind like to emboss their heritage through scattered hints of hardcore's established practices. But unlike the origins of the genre, their compositions come off as figuratively fat and rich. The Turkish band's vocalist is, to say the least, quite awful in both performance and delivery, and they are so obnoxiously in your face that they seem impossible to ignore. Whenever No Peace of Mind embark on passages of music unaccompanied by vocals they are at their strongest, but as a general rule their style is more of a curio than it is impactful.


Released in 2012 independently


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