16 Apr 2016

Sewercide: "Severe Trauma"

Dynamite Sepultura-thrash from Australia's young hope
Lengthy introductions aside, Sewercide is a 4-piece thrash metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Their genesis was in 2011, but they waste no time, having by 2012 already released this demo - Severe Trauma - and a split with fellow Aussie band Randomorder. Though the two releases combined consist only of 7 minutes of Sewercide, their hails of machine gun rapid fire are plenty effective to make up for it.

Bringing to mind Max Cavalera's tenure with Sepultura, there are multiple nods to the albums from Schizophrenia through Chaos A.D., infused with fast, aggressive thrash metal with a heavily distorted musical psychosis of death metal phrases to spice things up. Especially in the dynamic songwriting of Sewercide does the quartet find fuel for their bonfire.

"...they do capture that same unhinged wildness yet controlled execution that Sepultura did..."

Although Sewercide do it well, where does one draw the line with influence and inspiration? The Australian band takes cues enough to almost qualify as a Sepultura clone, and why listen to Severe Trauma if you have Beneath the Remains lying around? The truth is that even if Sewercide are highly reminiscent, they do capture that same unhinged wildness yet controlled execution that Sepultura did back in the day. Their music is hugely enjoyable and played with such force and ferocity that you can't help but nod your head in respect.

I have before mentioned my dislike for overly short demos. Sewercide's debut may be short, though, but it is also incredibly well written, perhaps only missing that one monolithic riff that stays with you forever. As it should, this demo leaves you wanting more. The band has gained a foothold with their vigorous, brutal and uncompromising material. It is, above all, convincing and undeniable in potential.


Released in 2012 independently

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