25 Apr 2016

Nordland: "Nordland"

A welcome addition to the black metal roster
Vorh, a resident of North East England, has with his project Nordland joined the forces of one-man black metal bands. Since the early days, bands like Burzum, Satanic Warmaster and Xasthur have proven that the basic concept isn't necessarily a stillborn attempt at the genre. A plethora of singular individuals have sought to mimic the success of the few; most have failed. But with the eponymous debut, Nordland from the UK is a strong contender among legends.

Though straightforward and traditional in approach, Nordland's compositions are far from the usual run of the mill garbage newcomers churn out. It treats the genre with nostalgia, bringing to mind the early days of the genre while still thinking ahead. Vorh's melodies are immersive and mystical, yet also possess highly organic and natural traits, as if coming completely natural from his mind through his hands in perfect extension of one another.

"Nordland sounds as immense as mountains draped in clouds, as professional in sound as in execution."

The soundscape is clear as a frosty morning, allowing for the most minute of details to come forth and show the many facets of Nordland's music. The album never becomes tedious to listen to, and always keeps you on the edge of your seat, thirsty for the next shot of black metal glory. Nordland sounds as immense as mountains draped in clouds, as professional in sound as in execution. Through discrete variations the luscious arrangements come to life, billowing like a thick blanket of frosty mist. Impressive both in length and scope, Nordland's debut sounds more like the work of seasoned songwriters than that of a newcomer.

Debut albums of this magnitude have become exceedingly scarce. In most cases the riffs are stale and bland, the structures just rehashes of old Darkthrone tunes. But for Nordland, there is so much going on, and the riffs are so memorable, that the experience is just that - An experience. Vorh has made black metal his domain, and plays the style with convincing zeal.


Released in 2011 by Glorious North Productions


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