18 Apr 2016

Diseased Oblivion: "Portals of Past & Present"

With compelling evidence the corrupting duo sign your death sentence
From the dismal darkness of some obscure, long forgotten chasm in the depths of the earth came Diseased Oblivion in 2009. With them the ominous duo brought several incantations of enigmatic, arcane droning metal in the forms of various blackened processions of funeral doom metal. The sixth incarnation of Diseased Oblivion's music is found on the 4-track demo from 2012 entitled Portals of Past and Present, which features songs from the very initiation of Diseased Oblivion in 2009 to some of their newer material from 2011.

The epitomisation of the Ohioan band's music features pretty much everything you could expect form such a band: Wintery grey graveyard soundscapes, eerie black abysses and abstruse ambience from the vastness of space. By pairing highly distorted guitars with a collection of profoundly cryptic noises and sounds, the band achieves an atmosphere so bizarre that songtitles like Ghosts of Nuclear Winter and Blackhole Funeral are in no way exaggerated in weirdness.

"...their blackened doom tracks grow ever more filthy, tenebrous and threateningly imposing."

Throughout the retrospective journey of Portals of Past and Present there are revelations of the band's evolution in sound. As we progress back in time through the increasingly eerie, murky waters of Diseased Oblivion, their blackened doom tracks grow ever more filthy, tenebrous and threateningly imposing. From the newest track Unquenchable Hurt, through Blackhole Funeral III and Ghosts of Nuclear Winter, to the deathly halt of Reclusa Eternus - the oldest track - Diseased Oblivion don many masks of death.

The American duo is succesful in creating mind-invading vibes with their shrill guitar tracks and thicker fogs of atmospherics. The collection gives a fulfilling and exciting look into the band's short career, and while their take on the genre is rather traditional, it is also compelling in its authenticity. Throughout each of the four tracks they've maintained a common thread, even when changing paces.


Released in 2012 by Contaminated Tones Productions


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