7 Apr 2016

Deus Otiosus: "Godless"

Immense riffs take the helm on this blasting death metal sophomore album
With a rather convincing debut album - Murderer from 2010 - Deus Otiosus from Denmark proved that between the five members, they harbour immense and lethal potential for death metal. On their second album, Godless from 2012, continues on and diplays an ongoing contempt for life as they celebrate the end of humanity and godless extermination of civilization.

The Danish quintet know all too well that death metal doesn't necessarily need draw upon maximised heaviness to have an impact - In fact, they seem to embrace the fact that you can't have brutality without lighter phases to underscore just how heavy death metal can get.

"It's still the band we came to know (and love) on Murderer,"

On Godless Deus Otiosus maintain their core of solid, old school death metal without departing too much from the ol' time-tested recipe of shredding, tearing, pounding and roaring. It's still the band we came to know (and love) on Murderer, in all of their crushing glory, cemented by tracks like the immense album opener Snakes of the Low.

I will go so far as to say that Godless is an effort on par with certain albums of the late 80s that have since become classics of the genre. Brimming with memorable riffs and classic songwriting, if this album had come out 25 or 30 years ago, it would've been turning heads. It would be a severe understatement to say that Deus Otiosus are probably one of the strongest current contenders in Danish death metal.


Released in 2012 on Deepsend Records


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