22 Mar 2016

The Blame: "Born"

Groove-laden and hard-hitting collection of compelling metal
The Blame is a Turkish metal band formed in 2006. They're about as straight forward as that introduction, and for a band that has only released a short demo prior to this album they've really got a hold of songwriting. Born from 2011 is by any definition a heavy and groove-laden album soaked in powerful electrical currents that come together in one big explosion of varied and compelling metal.

Debuting bands are often as uninteresting as they are numerous, and that first effort is usually either completely breathtaking or exceptionally mediocre. While The Blame struggle with a few elements the album certainly isn't lacklustre. It's an album that never gets boring, and though there are definite hints of the influence of bands such as Machine Head and Pantera it's a tendency that is neither impersonal or inconsequential. To make a quick - and unjustly simplified - comparison, the Turkish quartet's music recalls the ebbs and flows of Pantera and early Anthrax with a tendency toward more ambitious vocal melodies.

"The efficiency with which they convey their enthusiasm is irresistible."

Their sound is highly focused on melodies and groove through energetic delivery of both strings, rhythm and percussion. The efficiency with which they convey their enthusiasm is irresistible. But in the midst of all the commotion there are once or twice a few things that feel off. Sometimes the vocals are a bit over the top in the way that they seem overdone in comparison to the music they're accompanying, and overall hooks have taken a backseat to make room for more mindless but body-moving grooves. It is engaging in its execution, but not so much a masterpiece of songwriting.


Released in 2011 by Raven Records

The Blame on BANDCAMP

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