29 Mar 2016

Slasher Dave: "Exorcisms"

In the name of John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi, repent!
It is no secret that Slasher Dave, known to some as one of the founding members of Detroit psychedelic death and doom metal outfit Acid Witch, is a connoisseur of old school horror films and sleaze flicks. Other than his terror-inducing escapades with Acid Witch, Horrific and more, he's been releasing his inner darkness through his solo project for a while now. Just from looking at the immensely evocative artwork and the title in dripping blood red lettering. Guess which film inspired this album.

"His latest effort portrays a more sincere and genuine effort,"

In many ways his fourth album is his best work yet. Where Spookhouse and Tomb of Horror from 2013 and 2014 respectively were, at times, goofy and cheesy, taking the most eighties of eighties tropes and drenching them in additional synths, Exorcisms boasts a more serious tone. It has always been obvious that Slasher Dave has respect for the source of his inspiration, but also that he is playful at heart. His latest effort portrays a more sincere and genuine effort, however, projected through an old 35mm projector.

The album rises above being mere heartful nostalgia. It is ambitiously tenacious when it plunges into black reaches from sudden surges of creeping synths, and vividly expressive - just like the old films - when the eeriely thrilling melodies possess you and take hold of your body. Dramatic bells toll to the fragile snaps of harpsichords and soulful organs, aiming much higher in composition and execution than previous efforts.

Slasher Dave's Exorcisms could have been a soundtrack unto itself - The musician is after all no stranger to the medium as per 2015's Chubbies OST - and you can believe if it was indeed the backing track to some forgotten late 70s possession flick. Even if his previous albums are highly enjoyable in their own mischievous and charmful ways, Exorcisms goes beyond that and ascends to a different level. Apart from the usual Italo-horror tributes, some tracks recall post-Vietnam films with warlike themes trailblazing oriental vibes through thick and nightmarish jungles. There's even a sort of tragic romance to top it all off.


Released in 2016 by Bellyache Records


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