6 Mar 2016

Neftaraka: "Morts"

Calling to Malaysian Black Mass
I'm willing to bet most people wouldn't expect Malaysia to be home to a kick ass black metal band, but this is indeed the case with Neftaraka. The genre has really come far from its continental European roots, reaching far across the globe and finding audiences all over drawn to the jagged guitars, sinister melodies and rasping vocals.

Neftaraka are a discerning lot. Right off the bat they're standing out from the crowd of black and white black metal albums with a glorious golden portrait that would undoubtedly look great on a vinyl record cover. The hurricane of riffs and blast beats is a bit more of a mouthful, not allowing for the same immediate enjoyment that the artwork does. In this genre you have obviously got to know what to expect, and the Malaysian troupe invoke the same malevolent, hateful, anti-religious feel that their Scandinavian brothers do, and in much the same way. By immitating, to some degree, legendary acts they've got some tough names to live up to, and while their riffs may not match those of Transilvanian Hunger or Lost Wisdom the recipe they're basing their sound on has been altered sufficiently to not warrant a direct comparison.

"...but it is an album well worth getting into, because Neftaraka have much to offer."

The 41 minutes spent listening to the band's second album are well spent and justifies repeat playthroughs. As mentioned above, "Morts" may not seem all that interesting at first, but it is an album well worth getting into, because Neftaraka have much to offer. From the classic black metal compositions to more raw and atmospheric pieces, "Morts" has it all, and the band's long history shines through.

The trio has been releasing demos, splits and more since 1996 under the name Neftaraka, and they definitely have something to show for it. "Morts" shows that the band isn't just a second rate hobby, and their experience within the genre eye-catching. The album works as a whole on a level most bands never achieve.


Released in 2012 by Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records

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