15 Mar 2016

Deus Otiosus: "Murderer"

Their capable hands show the true potential of death metal in a modern setting
In the Danish metal scene death metal has long been a powerful force with most of the highly popular bands belonging to that genre. With bands like Iniquity, Illdisposed, Dominus, Konkhra, Exmortem, Panzerchrist, Corpus Mortale and more, there's a rich history of varied groups to be explored. Deus Otiosus is a veritable supergroup of Danish talent ready to pick up the mantle with their 2010 debut Murderer.

Featuring members and ex-members of Victimizer, Hideous Invasion, Church Bizarre, Cerekloth and more means there's a lot to live up to. Deus Otiosus are by no means newbies to metal, and on Murderer this shines through in most aspects. Their combined heritage has resultet in an eight song showcase of how to write awesome death metal with equally powerful production.

"Only rarely does a debut portray a band so ready to take on everyone and everything."

The primal roar of the first track sets the tone, and plenty of catchy riffs follow suite. They have immediately made their intentions clear: With a twist of thrash and by utilising a clear production that makes their growls, groans, roars and screams stand out, they're all about creating death metal's apex predator. Only rarely does a debut portray a band so ready to take on everyone and everything. Admittedly it took a few listens to thoroughly get the drift, but the pay-off is all the more compelling once Murderer grabs you by the throat. 

The capable dynamics of the members internally suitably binds together to form a writhing mass of noxious death metal. The 8 songs on the debut leave you wanting more, but also leaves you fulfilled and satisfied like you couldn't take in any more. Deus Otiosus have masterfully put this album together and it is thoroughly deserving of praise.


Released in 2010 by F.D.A. Rekotz

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