13 Mar 2016

Brutus: "Murwgebeukt"

The pay-off that came six years late
Murwgebeukt, Dutch for 'battered", is an album that has been in the music equivalent of development hell for quite some time. Originally is was supposed to have come out in 2010, following their performance at Wacken Open Air. Many people had pre-ordered the album, only to find that after the performance the band went silent.

Brutus wouldn't be breaking that silence for a few years, and the album that was supposed to be the final effort of their previous drummer, Ploegbass - who had committed suicide in 2006, didn't see the light of day as originally planned. Until some time in 2014 when Schoft, guitarist and vocalist of Brutus, finally reached out to let fans know that Murwgebeukt would be coming out in 2016 via Willowtip Records in the US and Rising Nemesis Records in Europe. Several computer malfunctions, lost tracks and more problems seemingly delayed the album for years.

"Ploegbass' drum tracks are as impressive as ever, and serves as a proper cenotaph to his accomplishment as a musician."

Now for the album itself. The band's second album is an ambitious one for brutal death metal, and all 54 minutes of playtime are filled with great riffs with a technical proficiency seen only rarely. Ploegbass' drum tracks are as impressive as ever, and serves as a proper cenotaph to his accomplishment as a musician. It is by far superior to 2003's Slachtbeest, both in songwriting, ability and production even if the sound misses a bit of punch and natural strength. Flow in songwriting has always been Brutus' strongest point, and that element has been kept at the very forefront of Murwgebeukt.

The European limited edition comes packaged with an alternate artwork digipak, only to reveal a gorgeous booklet featuring the original cover and additional artwork by renowned Japanese visual artist Toshihiro Egawa. The packaging neatly encapsules the feel of the Dutch group's effort: Substance like a violent orgy in depraved brutality under a thin veil of judiciously thought out style.


Released in 2016 by Willowtip Records (US) and Rising Nemesis Records (EU)

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