1 Feb 2016

Otis Reaper: "Otis Reaper"

Tempting riffs with attitude
"Sludge" has always felt like a very appropriate description as a genre. Sludge means a semi-solid residual mass, and it really captures the essence of the genre: A slowly-running residue of various elements of hardcore punk, doom metal, stoner rock and more. Tennessee sludgebangers Otis Reaper play prime-example sludge metal with all the classic elements of the genre.
"True to genre traditions there are several respectful gestures to Tony Iommi's riffing..."

Maintaining a drive saturated by catchy guitars throughout the 5-track demo, the Americans know what it's all about. True to genre traditions there are several respectful gestures to Tony Iommi's riffing incorporated neatly into their heavy and ultra dirty sound, complete with throaty vocals, punked up gear handling, heavy distortion and groove in one grimy concoction.

Their self-titled demo offers great variation in tempo and feel, but the release is held together by a pervasive flow and vibe. Otis Reaper aren't exactly revolutionising the genre, but they play sludge like it's supposed to be played. At times the sound is a bit trebly, falling short of the absolute power that their riffs could achieve in a different setting. Nevertheless Otis Reaper is a must for fans of Bongzilla and Weedeater.


Released in 2011 by Inherent Records

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