5 Feb 2016

Electric Moon: "Theory of Mind"

A psychedelic, ever-transforming Rorschach-test
For those unfamiliar with Electric Moon, they're a German trio founded in 2009 by bassist and painter Komet Lulu, prominent Sulatron label boss, guitarist and acid-kraut practitioner Sula Bassana and drummer Pablo Carneval. Carneval was later replaced by Marcus Schnitzler. Though Sula has had a lengthy career in various psych bands, Electric Moon is the newest outlet for his ramblings. Electric Moon forms a unified front of modern and underground psychedelic bands together with the likes of Ufomammut, Yuri Gagarin, ├śresund Space Collective and Baby Woodrose.

Electric Moon's sound is, on "Theory of Mind" as on their previous records, in a state of constant flux. Moving in and out through a mass of colourful currents, the trio's internal dynamic is as strident as their music is. Lulu's thick bass lines together with Schnitzler's energetic drumming provides a stern and strong foundation to build layers upon layers of guitar, effects, synths and keys. The group's recent album radiates cosmic rays and shines with a brilliance that few can achieve with trance-inducing mantras of groovy bass and huge washes of effects.

"...just as fast as tracks escalate and intensify, just as quickly will the freak-out dissipate into vibrant vapors of sound effects,"

Though Sula's frequent musical freak-out sessions on stage can come off as abrasive they're always timed to follow the flow of music, causing what could otherwise be a caustic mindmelter to seem almost meditative and hypnotic. And just as fast as tracks escalate and intensify, just as quickly will the freak-out dissipate into vibrant vapors of sound effects, once again leaving Lulu and Schnitzler to fend for themselves (a job they are more than capable of doing).

The German group is far reaching in their scope and were obviously born out of longing for the lost times of krautrock. Their psychedelic acid rock style is almost spiritual in capacity, and the extent of their tracks make them almost like small rituals in themselves. The four tracks on "Theory of Mind" were recorded live and as such has that natural dynamic that only live recordings have. This is definitely the way to experience a band like Electric Moon if you don't have the opportunity to see them in person. They call themselves "The real psychedelic experience", and it isn't just empty words. "Theory of Mind" determines their identity as inducers of psychedelic phenomena.


Released in 2015 by Sulatron Records

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