29 Feb 2016

Digging Your Tomb: "Demo(lition)"

It ain't easy listening, but it's rewarding brutality in ample amounts
Digging Your Tomb goes into detail with every aspect of slamming brutal death metal, while also exhibiting the vast reach of the style. The Spanish trio's fourth offering, the demo titled "Demo(lition)", is in many ways a culmination of efforts, portraying a band whos internal dynamic is by now well-establish and thorough in their approach.

The simple four-track format gives the young band elbow room to let off steam and showcase their obvious devotion to the genre's trendsetters. The three tracks sans outro ably conveys ferocity and controlled barbarity with more goresoaked vocals and slam riffs than you can shake a stick at. In many ways their simple mid-to-high tempo approach calls for a strong comparison to the Norwegian butcherers in Kraanium through the thuggish nature of their slams.

Like any good slam demo "Demo(lition)" features cripling slams and breakdowns at both high and low tempoes, and compared to many bands in a similar position the Spaniards interpret the gospel of the slam saints better than most. But that's also a part of the problem - and the reason that the overall score won't be higher. They ape the big name bands to the point that you might to some degree as well listen to the "genuine article".

"Their music isn't crazy technical, nor would you expect it to be."

It's often hard to be enthusiastic over new brutal death metal demos, much in the same way that you wouldn't get excited over someone who has a nice ball-point pen. It can be a real nice pen and all, but ultimately it's kind of like every other pen. And apparently everybody has one. But even so Digging Your Tomb show potential and expertice in the field, so maybe their proverbial pen is a pretty nice one after all. Their music isn't crazy technical, nor would you expect it to be. The style in question doesn't need to be overly fast or boundary pushing, it just needs groove and flow, and the band's fourth demo has just that. Brutal is an adjective used maybe a bit too often, but Digging Your Tomb are brutal in every sense of the word.


Released in 2011 independently

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