12 Feb 2016

Anna von Hausswolff: "The Miraculous"

Apocalyptic, gothic beauty
Anna Michaela Ebba Electra von Hausswolff, shortened to Anna von Hausswolff with good reason, has achieved quite the following with her music. The Swedish singer and songwriter has far exceeded her heritage as daughter of noted sound artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff, and her outings have seen her tour with acts like Lykke Li, Tindersticks and earned her well deserved comparisons to legends such as Kate Bush.

Her third album, "The Miraculous", is a lengthy affair, clocking in at almost 50 minutes of soaring hymns, abyssal chants and just about everything in between. It wouldn't be entirely unfair to like it to a one-off magnum opus written and performed in unison by Wovenhand, Dead Can Dance and Philip Glass. "The Miraculous" has got the atmosphere of a long abandoned gothic church with towering spires of aura grasping at the sky in futility, natural sprawls of repeating melodies and organic gusts of emotional winds.

"The artist's performance of the material echoes with passion and emotion through the oversaturated soundscape..."

Von Hausswolff's vocals are as sounds drawn from her very soul, and the way her singing resonates against the thunderous frequencies of distorted drones and the reflective surfaces of vibrant ambience she might just bring about the apocalypse with sheer force of will and power. The artist's performance of the material echoes with passion and emotion through the oversaturated soundscape, causing welcomed sensory overloads and invoking feelings of awe.

"The Miraculous" isn't as such an album that builds on pure atmosphere. There is definitely more substance over form; The ambience serves at its rightful place as a backdrop for Von Hausswolff's beautiful melodies and the vibrant instrumentation, focused more on songwriting, the essence of the music. Von Hausswolff is definitely among one of the more unique names in modern music, and "The Miraculous" establishes that fact with abundant clarity.


Released in 2015 by Pomperipossa Records and City Slang

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